Nautilus Tonga Maritime Polytechnic

We are supporting the development of the local maritime industry through our support of the Tonga Maritime Polytechnic Institute (TMPI). In February 2013, Nautilus Minerals donated TOP78,000 to TMPI to assist in the construction of a a fire fighting simulator.

In 2008 and 2009, six students were reimbursed the fees of TOP2,000 for their 2009 course. One of the courses supported by Nautilus Minerals was Master Class III certification. Students who pass this course can become a master of any size vessel operating within Tonga. We also sponsor the participation of trainees on our exploration campaigns. 


Nautilus Minerals encourages students to study science by sponsoring the University of Canterbury’s EcoCare Pacific Trust National High School Science Competition. EcoCare Pacific Trust is a non-profit organisation set up by the University of Canterbury alumni to address health, education and environmental issues in the Pacific Region. Their National High School Science Competition is an annual event that aims to encourage high school students and their teachers to participate in the sciences and promote further study at a tertiary level.

In recognition of this important competition, in 2009 the Company created the Nautilus Minerals Science Prize. The winners receive TOP500 per student and TOP200 to their teacher. Each of the winning schools also receives ~TOP2,500 worth of education equipment.  

Nautilus Minerals has been supporting the Science Competition since 2009 and continues to do so.

Youth in Business

Working alongside the Tonga Chamber of Commerce, Nautilus Minerals is encouraging young Tongan Nationals to study and progress a career in business.

Facilitated by the Tonga Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Nautilus Minerals, the Youth in Business (YiB) Challenge ia a two part competition for secondary schools and tertiary institutions. It aims to increase the business awareness and entrepreneurial skills of students throughout Tonga. The YIB Challenge sees teams submit business plans to a panel of judges who award financing to teams with feasible business ideas. Winning teams then use the finance to operate their businesses, which after three months are assessed. The winner is awarded to the team which operates a profitable and sound business.

Each school or tertiary institution who enters a team in the YiB Challenge goes into a draw to win computers and business equipment donated by Nautilus Minerals for their Business and Commerce Department.

Nautilus Minerals has been supporting the YiB Challenge since 2011 and continues to do so.


Dental section of Ministry of Health

Since 2008, Nautilus Minerals has been supporting the Dental section of the Ministry of Health.  Between 2008 and 2010, Nautilus Minerals purchased five dental vacuum suction machines, plus various accessories and spare parts, at the cost of ~TOP20,000 each. The suction pumps allow dental staff to treat more patients per day and to improve their quality of service. The five units were donated to Tongatapu, the outer island group of Haapai, and Vava’u Island.

In 2011,  2012, and 2014 equipment and supplies which enables dentists to make full and partial dentures was purchased with Nautilus' donation. This equipment was donated to the outer island of Haapai, so patients do not have to travel to the main island of Tongatapu for denture work.

In 2013 a portable x-ray machine was purchased to be used by dentists at more remote outer islands that don’t have electricity, thus improving the service provided by the dental section in the outer islands.

Vaiola Hospital

In 2009, Nautilus Minerals donated TOP8,000 to the Vaiola Hospital for purchasing equipment and supplies for the A&E/Casualty/Outpatients ward. Nautilus Minerals has continued to support the Vaiola Hospital since 2009 by purchasing of a variety of equipment and supplies including ECG paper, nebulisers, oxygen meters, baby scales, etc. 

The 2013 donation was used to purchase resus trolleys to replace patient beds which were being used in the Emergency Department. Resus trolleys are transport stretchers designed for emergency transport of patients.

Each year since 2011, Nautilus Minerals has been donating ~TOP8,400 to the Vaiola Hospital’s Ambulance section. The funds are used to purchase equipment that will improve the operational capability of thr Ambulance service to New Zealand standards. 

Niu’ui Hospital, Ha’apai - Ashika ferry tragedy

In response to the sinking of the MV Princess Ashika in 2009, Nautilus Minerals donated funds to the Ha’apai hospital. The funds were used to purchase supplies and equipment to improve the provision of services at the hospital. The MV Princess Ashika was an inter-island ferry which sunk off the coast of Nuku’lofa Nuku’alofa on its way to the Ha’apai group of islands.